So much exploring to do, so little time.


Plant of the Day
Saturday 10 May 2014

In this local garden at Wickham Bishops in Essex the lily of the valley, Convallaria majalis proves it has a rhizomatous stem as it follows the gaps in the paving! The plant will grow in semi or full shade and appreciates a moist root run. After flowering there are red berries. So sorry the blog does not do scent as this was amazing and must waft into the house.

I really visited to see the famous 250 foot long wisteria more of that tomorrow…

Jill Raggett

things you should do today


  • smile
  • water your plants/feed your pets
  • remind someone you love them
  • remind someone they’re important
  • tell someone they matter
  • do something that makes you happy
  • eat enough food, sleep enough, drink enough water
  • make sure you’re taking care of yourself and being kind to yourself!! 

i ve been really upset lately and i ts hard for me to be ative im sorry 


piebald doe

hey qts


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